Lachenmann Art

Drew Beattie lives and works in New York

born 1952 in Atlanta, Georgia / USA

Ben Shepard lives and works in Shanghai 

born 1984 in Charlotte, North Carolina / USA

Solo Exhibitions          


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, USA
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego in San Diego, USA

Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts in San Francisco, USA

Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, USA
Greenville County Museum of Art in Greenville, USA
Berkeley Art Museum in Berkeley, USA
San Jose Museum of Art in San Jose, USA

Katalog Download

DBBS-DRW-2013-102, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2013-106, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2013-107, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2013-137, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2013-146, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2013-147, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-001, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-002, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-004, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-008, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-009, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-010, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-011, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-015, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-016, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-019, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-020, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-021, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-022, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-032, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-035, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-038, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-039, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-040, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-046, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-047, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-049, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-050, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-064, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-076, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-080, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-083, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-088, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-089, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-090, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2014-094, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-001, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-003, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-002, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-004, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-005, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-008, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-011, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-012, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-023, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-024, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-031, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-033, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-040, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-041, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-044, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-045, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-048, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-050, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-051, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-054, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-053, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-055, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-061, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-062, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-067, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-068, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-070, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-071, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-074, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-075, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-077, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-080, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-079, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-081, 61x56cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-082, 61x56cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-083, 61x56cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-085, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-087, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-091, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-094, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-097, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-098, 45,7x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-099, 45,7x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-104, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-110, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-114, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-115, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-117, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-119, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-120, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-121, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-122, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-125, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-126, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-129, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-134, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-136, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-138, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-143, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-144, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-149, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-155, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-165, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-167, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-171, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-172, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-173, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-178, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-180, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-181, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-182, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-185, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-186, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-188, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-191, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-192, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-193, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-194, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-195, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-200, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-203, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-205, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-171, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-215, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-217, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-219, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-220, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-222, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-228, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-229, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-237, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-244, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-245, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-250, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-251, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-252, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-263, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-267, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-269, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-273, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-278, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-282, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-283, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-291, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-292, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-293, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-294, 45,7x61cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-297, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-298, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-301, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-303, 61x45,7cm
DBBS-DRW-2015-307, 61x45,7cm



M.F.A.  School of the Museum of Fine Arts/Tufts University, Boston and Medford/USA, MA

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME

Drake University in Florence, Italy

B.F.A.  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC



Office Riot, Lachenmann Art, Konstanz, Germany * 


Purple Cycle One, The Chimney, New York, NY *

DBBS, Storefront Ten Eyck, New York, NY *


Betty re Testers, Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden, New York, NY Betty re Testers 2, Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden Pocket Utopia, New York, NY


stair Z, Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden, New York, NY


My Cookie, Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden, New York, NY


gescheidle, Chicago, IL

Scott White Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA

Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Hanes Art Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC ** Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA ** Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA **

Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, NY ** SOMA Gallery, La Jolla, CA **

Jeffrey Hartz Gallery, St. Louis, MO ** Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, NY ** Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA **

Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, SC ** White Room, White Columns, New York, NY **

Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA ** Matrix/ Berkeley 164, University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA **

Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA ** Germans Van Eck, New York, NY **

Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA **

Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA **

Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA

Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA

Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA



Salon, Sexauer Gallery, Berlin, Germany 

Your Bad Self, Arts & Leisure, New York, NY 

The Jewel Box Review, Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden, New York, NY 

Billpost 4, Eli Ping, New York, NY Salon Zurcher, Galerie Zurcher, Paris, France Can’t Stop Rock Lobster, Martos Gallery, New York, NY 

Assembly, Edward Thorp Gallery, New York, NY Snowclones, Art Blog Art Blog, New York, NY 

Born to Die, Secondhome Projects, Berlin, Germany Portable Caves, HKJB, Long Island City, New York, NY 

Forgotten in the Smile, Envoy, New York, NY Bad Graphic Design, HKJB, Brooklyn, NY 

art club, gescheidle, Chicago, IL Sharkstock 2, Art Chicago, Chicago, IL Faculty Exhibition, Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 

Psycho Ideology, Roebling Hall, New York, NY Darling Project, Wendy Cooper Gallery, Chicago, IL Year_06 Art Projects, Wendy Cooper Gallery, London 

Life and Limb, Feigen Contemporary, New York, NY Drawn Out, Gallery 400, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL White Box Benefit, White Box, New York, NY 

Painting Now, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA ** 

Inside Scoop (by design), Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA Terrible Beauty, Satellite, a division of Roebling Hall, New York, NY 

25th Anniversary Selections Exhibition, The Drawing Center, New York, NY Afflicted, Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, NY Artist to Artist, ACE Gallery, Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation, New York, NY Faculty Small Works, Leubsdorf Art Gallery, Hunter College, NY 

Lateral Thinking: Art of the 1990s, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA Pulp Fictions, University Art Gallery, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA 

Faculty Exhibition, Hunter College, New York, NY ** 

25th Anniversary Exhibition, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA Dystopia, Roebling Hall, Brooklyn, NY ** 

Art from Around the Bay: Recent Acquisitions, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA** Summer Group Show, Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, NY ** Double Trouble: The Patchett Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, CA; traveled to: Museo de Monterrey, Monterrey, Mexico; Museo Universitario Contemporáneo de Arte, Mexico City; Auditorio de Galicia and Iglesia San Domingos de Bonaval, Santiago de Compostela, Spain ** Matrix/Berkeley: 20 Years, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA ** 

Prosthetic Garden, Silverstein Gallery, New York, NY ** Allegory, Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, NY ** Testwall: The Chalkboard Chronicles, TZ’ Art & Co., New York, NY ** NU-GLU, Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, NY ** 

In the Flow: Alternate Authoring Strategies, Franklin Furnace, New York, NY ** Far Out, View Room Exhibitions, New York, NY ** Explosion in a Tool Factory, Hovel, New York, NY ** San Francisco Art Institute: Illustrious History 1871 - Present, Salander O’Reilly Galleries, New York and Montgomery Gallery, San Francisco, CA ** Summer Group Show, Joseph Helman Gallery, New York, NY ** Exposure, SOMA Gallery, San Diego, CA ** Views from a Golden Hill: Contemporary Artists and the American Academy in Rome, The Equitable Gallery, New York, NY ** 

Radical Ink, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, OH ** Transformers, Palazzo dei Priori, Fermo, Italy ** ETransfers, xit Art / The First World, New York, NY ** Update


White Columns, New York, NY ** Pasted Papers: Collage in the 20th Century, Louis Stern Fine Art, West Hollywood, CA ** Annual Exhibition, American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy ** New Acquisitions, University Art Museum, Berkeley, CA ** 

Drawing to the Nth Degree, Baxter Art Gallery, Maine College of Art, Portland, ME ** unSuccess Story, Kenny Schachter, New York, NY * P.S. 1 Studio Artists 1994

P.S. 1 Museum, The Institute for Contemporary Art, Long Island City, New York, NY ** I Could Do That, Kenny Schachter, New York, NY ** Can You Always Believe Your Eyes: Contemporary American Drawings, The Museum of Contemporary Art De Beyerd, Breda, Netherlands ** Pre-Existing Condition, Kenny Schachter, The Puffin Room, New York, NY ** 

43rd Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC ** Art on Paper, Weatherspoon Art Gallery, Greensboro, NC ** The Return of the Cadavre Exquis, The Drawing Center, New York, NY (traveling exhibition) ** Group Show, Germans Van Eck, New York, NY ** Selections/Spring '93, The Drawing Center, New York, NY ** 

One By Two, Artists In Collaboration, Sonoma State University, University Art Gallery, Rohnert Park, CA ** 

Four California Painters, Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA 


Contemporary Artists: Selections from the High Museum's Collection, The High Museum at Georgia Pacific Center, Atlanta, GA Chicago International Art Exposition, Chicago, IL Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA, New Work by Gallery Artists The Allport Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Recent Etchings From Made In California Young Bay Area Artists, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 

Recent Figurative Works, Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, CA 
Bay Area Artists Small Works Invitational, Janet Steinberg Gallery, San Francisco, CAThe House in Contemporary Art, California State University Art Gallery, Stanislaus, CA 

Skowhegan: A Ten Year Retrospective, Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, NYSelections From the Rutgers Archives for Printmaking Studios, Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ Process/Prints, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA 

Pro Arts Annual Exhibition, Pro Arts, Oakland, CA Faces: Identity and Ritual, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA 

West Coast Realism, Laguna Beach Museum of Art, Laguna Beach, CA, (traveling exhibition) 

Critic's Choice, Eaton/Schoen Gallery, San Francisco, CA Works on Paper, Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, CA New Bay Area Painting and Sculpture, San Francisco Art Institute and California State University at Northridge, Los Angeles, CA 

Architectural References, Boston Museum School Gallery, Boston, MA 

New Acquisitions, Claremont Colleges, Lang Art Gallery, Scripps College, Claremont, CA 

Gallery Group Exhibition, Touchstone Gallery, New York, NY 

New Talent, Touchstone Gallery, New York, NYChilde Hassam Purchase Fund Exhibition, American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, New York, NY 

Berkshire Art Association Exhibition, Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA 

North Carolina Artists Annual, Museum of Fine Arts, Raleigh, NC 

* DBBS, collaboration with Ben Shepard  
** Beattie & Davidson, collaboration with Daniel Davidson (1989-1998)


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,

San Francisco, CA 
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego,

San Diego, CA 
Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY 
Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, SC 
Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA 
San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA

Privat collections


In conversation with Zachary Keeting, Christopher Joy for Gorky's Granddaughter
Drew Beattie and Ben Shepard in conversation on Purple Cycle One, The Chimney, New York, NY

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Columbia University, New York, NY

Pocket Utopia, The Anxiety of Painting, New York, NY

Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden, Drew Beattie and David Humphrey in Conversation, New York, NY

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Hunter College, New York, NY

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
University of California, Berkeley, CA

Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA 

New York University, New York, NY 
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY 

Columbia University, New York, NY 
Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, SC 

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA 

University of California, Los Angeles, CA 
University of California, Berkeley, CA 


Distinguished Lecturer, Hunter College, New York, NY

Visiting Associate Professor, Hunter College, New York, NY

Lecturer in Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Assistant Professor, University of ChicagoChicago, IL

Visiting Assistant Professor, Hunter College, New York, NY

Visiting Artist, Cooper Union School of Art, New York, NY

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Visiting Assistant Professor, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

Visiting Lecturer, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

Visiting Lecturer, University of California, Davis, CA

Visiting Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Assistant Professor, Scripps College & Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA

Instructor, Tufts University, Medford, MA



President, Society of Fellows, American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy 

Society of Fellows Council, American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy 

Rome Prize in Visual Arts, American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy  

The Institute for Contemporary Art, P.S. 1, International Studio Program, New York, NY  Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, Studio Space Program, New York, NY  

Eureka Fellowship in Painting, Mortimer Fleishacker Foundation, San Francisco, CA


Ben Shepard wurde 1984 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA geboren.

Von 2003 bis 2008 sudierte er an der Universität von Chicago und schloss sein
Studium mit dem B.A Philosophy ab.

Über seine Arbeit sagt Ben Shepard folgendes:

›Im März 2008 haben Michael Yong und ich am Design Laboratory der University of Chicago ›Linda‹ kreiert, ein Performance-Stück über eine postapokalyptische, rein weibliche utopische posthumane Gemeinschaft. Im Mai desselben Jahres erschufen wir mit ›Midway Free City‹ eine weitere temporäre Performance einer utopischen Gemeinschaft. Yong und ich haben dann zwei Drehbücher geschrieben,› The Periscope‹, eine Komödie über die Zerstörung der linearen Zeit, und ›Nobody Will Understand Your Pain‹, ein Horrorfilm über anhaltende Erregungsstörungen im Genitalbereich.

Yong und ich wurden von einem Produzenten der bekannten TV -Produktionsfirma Bad Robot in Los Angeles rekrutiert, um ›Coachella‹ zu schreiben, das als ›The Hangover für Mütter‹ lanciert werden sollte. Unser Drehbuch endet mit einer Sequenz, in der heldenhafte Mütter Säcke mit Kokain in den Windpark Coachella werfen und das gesamte Tal unter Drogen setzen. Das Drehbuch wurde nicht verfilmt.

Im Jahr 2012 kehrte ich nach Chicago zurück und begann eine experimentelle pädagogische Wohngemeinschaft namens Home School Three in Zusammenarbeit mit Laura Shaeffer und Andy Wong. Während meiner Zeit an der Home School Three begann ich, die Geschichte des Hyde Park und der South Side von Chicago zu erforschen. Das Ergebnis war das Projekt ›Kanye For Mayor 2014‹, das vorschlug, Kanye West (amerikanischer Rapper, Musikproduzent und Modedesigner, Anm. d. Übersetzers) in einer Kampagne zur Bürgermeisterwahl von Chicago als Anarcho-Kommunismunistischen Kandidaten aufzustellen. Das Projekt begann zunächst als Mundpropaganda-Kampagne, dann als Website, dann als virale Meme im Internet. Bedauerlicherweise wurde nicht Kanye West, sondern Rahm Emanuel zum Bürgermeister von Chicago gewählt.

Im Herbst 2013 begann ich mit Drew Beattie in den kürzlich geräumten Hunter College MFA Studios in Hell‘s Kitchen, New York, zusammenzuarbeiten. Diese Wahlverwandtschaft funktionierte gut, und wir brachten eine schöpferische Kraft zur Welt und nannten sie DBBS. Im Frühjahr 2014 zogen wir in den erweiterten Atelierraum neben dem Atelier von Drew in Bushwick um und begannen mit der Arbeit an großformatigen Gemälden im Hochformat. Im Bereich der Gemälde gibt es bestimmte Untergruppen: die Regalbilder, die Sandwichbilder, die Chartgemälde und diejenigen, die zu weniger namhaften Themen gehören.

DBBS war unsere erste gleichnamige Show in Storefront Ten Eyck im Juni 2015. In diesem Sommer haben wir auf mega-skaliertem Boden, welchen Drew in seinem Outdoor-Studio im Bundesstaat New York produziert hatte, die Gemälde gemalt, die im November 2015 im ›The Chimney‹ zu Purple Cycle One wurden. In Shanghai habe ich an einer Fernsehsendung über die nahe Zukunft mitgearbeitet, mich für einen Metapark eingesetzt, der vom Bund entlang des Suzhou Creek bis zum Tai-See reicht, und mit Job Zheng unter dem Namen ›Mushroom Tintoretto‹ Wandmalereien und Werbegrafiken geschaffen.“


Ben Shepard was born in 1984 in Charlotte, NC

From 2003 to 2008 he graduated from the University of Chicago and completed his Study with the B. A. Philosophy.

Ben Shepard says the following about his work:

›In March 2008 at the Design Laboratory at the University of Chicago, Michael Yong and I created Linda, a performance piece about a post-apocalyptic all-woman utopian posthuman community. In May of that year, we created Midway Free City, another temporary performance of a utopian community. Yong and I then wrote two screenplays, The Periscope, a comedy about the destruction of linear time, and Nobody Will Understand Your Pain, a horror film about persistent genital arousal disorder.

Yong and I were recruited by a producer at Bad Robot in Los Angeles to write Coachella, pitched as The Hangover but for moms. Our script ends with a sequence where the heroic mothers release bags of cocaine into the Coachella wind farm and dose the entire valley. The script was not produced.

In 2012, I returned to Chicago and began an experimental educational residential commune called Home School Three in collaboration with Laura Shaeffer and Andy Wong. While at Home School Three, I began to research the history of Hyde Park and the South Side of Chicago. The result was the 2014 Kanye For Mayor project, proposing that Kanye run on a campaign of municipal anarcho-communism. The project first began as a word of mouth campaign, then a website, then a viral meme around the Internet. Regretfully, Rahm Emanuel, and not Kanye West, became the mayor of Chicago.

In the fall of 2013, I began to collaborate with Drew Beattie at the recently vacated Hunter College MFA Studios in Hell‘s Kitchen, New York. The elective affinities worked out right, and we gave birth to a creative force. Call it DBBS. In the spring of 2014 we moved our operations into expanded studio space adjoining Drew’s studio in Bushwick and started to work on a body of paintings in a large-scale vertical format. Within the range of paintings, there are certain subsets: the shelf paintings, the sandwich paintings, the chart paintings, and those belonging to less namable subjects.

DBBS was our first eponymously titled show at Storefront Ten Eyck in June of 2015. That summer, on mega-scaled grounds that Drew had produced in his outdoor studio in upstate New York, we made the paintings that became Purple Cycle One at The Chimney in November of 2015.

In Shanghai, I‘ve been collaborating on a television show about the near future, advocating for a metapark to run from the Bund along the Suzhou Creek all the way to Lake Tai, as well as creating murals and commercial art with Job Zheng under the name Mushroom Tintoretto.‹


Ben Shepard est né en 1984 à Charlotte, en Caroline du Nord, aux États-Unis.

De 2003 à 2008, il a étudié à l'université de Chicago et a terminé son
Diplômé d'une licence en philosophie.

À propos de son travail, Ben Shepard dit ceci :

En mars 2008, Michael Yong et moi avons créé "Linda" au Design Laboratory de l'Université de Chicago, une performance sur une communauté post-apocalyptique, utopique et entièrement féminine. En mai de la même année, nous avons créé "Midway Free City", une autre représentation temporaire d'une communauté utopique. Yong et moi avons ensuite écrit deux scénarios, "The Periscope", une comédie sur la destruction du temps linéaire, et "Nobody Will Understand Your Pain", un film d'horreur sur les troubles persistants de l'excitation génitale.

Yong et moi avons été recrutés par un producteur de la célèbre société de production télévisée Bad Robot à Los Angeles pour écrire "Coachella", qui devait être lancé sous le titre "La gueule de bois des mères". Notre scénario se termine par une séquence dans laquelle des mères héroïques jettent des sacs de cocaïne dans le parc éolien de Coachella et droguent toute la vallée. Le scénario n'a pas été transformé en film.

En 2012, je suis retourné à Chicago et j'ai créé une communauté résidentielle éducative expérimentale appelée Home School Three, en collaboration avec Laura Shaeffer et Andy Wong. Pendant mon séjour à la Home School Three, j'ai commencé à faire des recherches sur l'histoire de Hyde Park et du quartier sud de Chicago. Le résultat a été le projet "Kanye For Mayor 2014", qui proposait que Kanye West (rappeur, producteur de musique et créateur de mode américain, note de la traductrice) soit positionné comme candidat anarcho-communiste dans une campagne pour les élections municipales de Chicago. Le projet a commencé comme une campagne de bouche à oreille, puis comme un site web, puis comme des mèmes viraux sur Internet. Malheureusement, ce n'est pas Kanye West mais Rahm Emanuel qui a été élu maire de Chicago.

À l'automne 2013, j'ai commencé à travailler avec Drew Beattie dans les studios de maîtrise en beaux-arts du Hunter College, récemment libérés, à Hell's Kitchen, New York. Cette affinité élective a bien fonctionné, et nous avons donné naissance à une force créative que nous avons appelée DBBS. Au printemps 2014, nous avons déménagé dans les locaux agrandis à côté du studio de Drew à Bushwick et avons commencé à travailler sur des peintures grand format en format portrait. Il existe certains sous-groupes de peintures : les peintures d'étagères, les peintures en sandwich, les peintures de tableaux et celles qui appartiennent à des sujets moins connus.

DBBS a été notre première exposition du même nom à Storefront Ten Eyck en juin 2015, et cet été nous avons peint les tableaux qui sont devenus Purple Cycle One à The Chimney en novembre 2015 sur un sol à grande échelle produit par Drew dans son studio extérieur dans l'État de New York. À Shanghai, j'ai travaillé à une émission de télévision sur l'avenir proche, j'ai fait pression pour la création d'un méta-parc qui s'étend du Bund le long de la crique de Suzhou au lac Tai, et j'ai créé des peintures murales et de l'art commercial avec Job Zheng sous le nom de "Tintoret aux champignons".


Ben Shepard è nato nel 1984 a Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Dal 2003 al 2008 ha studiato all'Università di Chicago e ha completato il suo
Laureato in Filosofia.

A proposito del suo lavoro, Ben Shepard dice quanto segue:

Nel marzo 2008 Michael Yong ed io abbiamo creato 'Linda' presso il Design Laboratory dell'Università di Chicago, un pezzo performativo su una comunità post-apocalittica, utopica e tutta al femminile, post-umana. Nel maggio dello stesso anno abbiamo creato 'Midway Free City', un'altra performance temporanea di una comunità utopica. Yong ed io abbiamo poi scritto due sceneggiature, "Il Periscopio", una commedia sulla distruzione del tempo lineare, e "Nessuno capirà il tuo dolore", un film dell'orrore sui disturbi persistenti dell'eccitazione genitale.

Yong ed io siamo stati assunti da un produttore della nota casa di produzione televisiva Bad Robot di Los Angeles per scrivere 'Coachella', che doveva essere lanciato come 'The Hangover for Mothers'. La nostra sceneggiatura si conclude con una sequenza in cui eroiche madri gettano sacchi di cocaina nel parco eolico di Coachella e drogano l'intera valle. La sceneggiatura non è stata trasformata in un film.

Nel 2012 sono tornato a Chicago e ho avviato una comunità residenziale educativa sperimentale chiamata Home School Three in collaborazione con Laura Shaeffer e Andy Wong. Durante il mio periodo alla Home School Three, ho iniziato a fare ricerche sulla storia di Hyde Park e del South Side di Chicago. Il risultato è stato il progetto "Kanye For Mayor 2014", che ha proposto che Kanye West (rapper americano, produttore musicale e stilista di moda, nota del traduttore) sia posizionato come candidato anarco-comunista in una campagna per l'elezione del sindaco di Chicago. Il progetto è iniziato come campagna di passaparola, poi come sito web, poi come meme virale su Internet. Purtroppo non è stato Kanye West, ma Rahm Emanuel ad essere eletto sindaco di Chicago.

Nell'autunno del 2013, ho iniziato a lavorare con Drew Beattie presso gli studi dell'Hunter College MFA Studios di Hell's Kitchen, New York, recentemente sgomberati. Questa affinità elettiva ha funzionato bene, e abbiamo dato vita a una forza creativa che abbiamo chiamato DBBS. Nella primavera del 2014 ci siamo trasferiti nello studio ampliato vicino allo studio di Drew a Bushwick e abbiamo iniziato a lavorare su dipinti di grande formato in formato ritratto. Ci sono alcuni sottogruppi di dipinti: i dipinti a scaffale, i dipinti a sandwich, i dipinti a schema, e quelli che appartengono a soggetti meno conosciuti.

DBBS è stata la nostra prima mostra omonima nello Storefront Ten Eyck nel giugno 2015, e quest'estate abbiamo dipinto i dipinti che sono diventati Purple Cycle One al The Chimney nel novembre 2015 su un terreno in mega-scala prodotto da Drew nel suo studio all'aperto nello Stato di New York. A Shanghai ho lavorato a uno show televisivo sul futuro prossimo, ho fatto pressioni per un metaparco che si estende dal Bund lungo il Suzhou Creek al lago Tai, e ho creato murales e arte commerciale con Job Zheng sotto il nome di 'Mushroom Tintoretto'.


Бен Шепард родился в 1984 году в Шарлотте, штат Северная Каролина, США.

С 2003 по 2008 год он учился в Чикагском университете и завершил свое обучение по программе
Окончил бакалавриат по философии.

О своей работе Бен Шепард говорит следующее:

В марте 2008 года мы с Майклом Йонгом создали "Линду" в дизайн-лаборатории Чикагского университета, пьесу о пост-апокалиптическом, полностью утопическом пост-человеческом сообществе. В мае того же года мы создали "Средний свободный город", еще одно временное представление утопического сообщества. Затем мы с Йонгом написали два сценария: "Перископ", комедию о разрушении линейного времени, и "Никто не поймет твоей боли", фильм ужасов о стойких нарушениях генитального возбуждения.

Йонг и я были завербованы продюсером из известной телепродюсерской компании Bad Robot в Лос-Анджелесе, чтобы написать "Coachella", которая должна была выйти под названием "Похмелье для матерей". Наш сценарий заканчивается последовательностью, в которой героические матери бросают мешки с кокаином на ветряную электростанцию Coachella и накачивают наркотиками всю долину. Сценарий не был сделан в фильме.

В 2012 году я вернулся в Чикаго и в сотрудничестве с Лаурой Шеффер и Энди Вонгом основал экспериментальный образовательный жилой район под названием "Домашняя школа №3". Во время моего пребывания в Третьей домашней школе я начал изучать историю Гайд-парка и Южной стороны Чикаго. Результатом стал проект "Канье для мэра 2014", в рамках которого компания Kanye West (американский рэпер, музыкальный продюсер и модельер, переводческая нота) была позиционирована как кандидат от анархо-коммунистической партии в предвыборной кампании по выборам мэра Чикаго. Проект начался как словесная кампания, затем как веб-сайт, затем как вирусные мемы в Интернете. К сожалению, мэром Чикаго был избран не Канье Вест, а Рам Эмануэль.

Осенью 2013 года я начал работать с Дрю Битти в недавно освободившейся студии MFA Хантер Колледжа в Hell's Kitchen, Нью-Йорк. Это факультативное родство сработало хорошо, и мы родили творческую силу, которую назвали DBBS. Весной 2014 года мы переехали в расширенное пространство студии рядом со студией Дрю в Бушвике и начали работать над широкоформатными картинами в портретном формате. Существуют определенные подгруппы картин: картины на полках, сэндвичи, графические картины, и те, которые принадлежат к менее известным предметам.

DBBS была нашей первой одноименной выставкой в Storefront Ten Eyck в июне 2015 года, и этим летом мы нарисовали картины, которые стали Purple Cycle One в The Chimney в ноябре 2015 года на мега-масштабной площадке, созданной Дрю в его уличной студии в штате Нью-Йорк. В Шанхае я работала над телевизионным шоу о ближайшем будущем, лоббировала создание метапарка, который простирается от бундов вдоль ручья Сучжоу до озера Тай, и создавала фрески и коммерческое искусство вместе с Джобом Чжэном под названием "Грибное Тинторетто".


Ben Shepard nació en 1984 en Charlotte, Carolina del Norte, EE.UU.

De 2003 a 2008 estudió en la Universidad de Chicago y completó su
Se graduó con un B.A. en Filosofía.

Sobre su trabajo, Ben Shepard dice lo siguiente:

En marzo de 2008 Michael Yong y yo creamos "Linda" en el Laboratorio de Diseño de la Universidad de Chicago, una pieza de performance sobre una comunidad postapocalíptica, utópica y poshumana, formada exclusivamente por mujeres. En mayo del mismo año creamos "Midway Free City", otra representación temporal de una comunidad utópica. Yong y yo escribimos dos guiones, "El periscopio", una comedia sobre la destrucción del tiempo lineal, y "Nadie entenderá tu dolor", una película de terror sobre los trastornos persistentes de la excitación genital.

Yong y yo fuimos contratados por un productor de la conocida productora de televisión Bad Robot en Los Ángeles para escribir 'Coachella', que iba a ser lanzada como 'La resaca de las madres'. Nuestro guión termina con una secuencia en la que las heroicas madres arrojan bolsas de cocaína al parque eólico de Coachella y drogan a todo el valle. El guión no se convirtió en una película.

En 2012, regresé a Chicago y comencé una comunidad residencial educativa experimental llamada Home School Three en colaboración con Laura Shaeffer y Andy Wong. Durante mi tiempo en Home School Three, comencé a investigar la historia de Hyde Park y el South Side de Chicago. El resultado fue el proyecto "Kanye For Mayor 2014", que proponía que Kanye West (rapero americano, productor musical y diseñador de moda, nota del traductor) se posicionara como candidato anarcomunista en una campaña para la elección de alcalde de Chicago. El proyecto comenzó como una campaña de boca en boca, luego como un sitio web, luego como memes virales en Internet. Desafortunadamente, no fue Kanye West sino Rahm Emanuel quien fue elegido alcalde de Chicago.

En el otoño de 2013, empecé a trabajar con Drew Beattie en los recientemente desocupados estudios del Hunter College MFA en Hell's Kitchen, Nueva York. Esta afinidad electiva funcionó bien, y dimos nacimiento a una fuerza creativa que llamamos DBBS. En la primavera de 2014 nos mudamos al espacio del estudio ampliado junto al estudio de Drew en Bushwick y empezamos a trabajar en pinturas de gran formato en formato de retrato. Hay ciertos subgrupos de pinturas: las pinturas de estante, las pinturas de sándwich, las pinturas de tabla y las que pertenecen a temas menos conocidos.

DBBS fue nuestro primer show del mismo nombre en Storefront Ten Eyck en junio de 2015, y este verano pintamos las pinturas que se convirtieron en Purple Cycle One en The Chimney en noviembre de 2015 en un terreno de mega escala producido por Drew en su estudio al aire libre en el estado de Nueva York. En Shanghai, trabajé en un programa de televisión sobre el futuro cercano, presioné para que se construyera un metaparque que se extiende desde el Bund a lo largo del arroyo Suzhou hasta el lago Tai, y creé murales y arte comercial con Job Zheng bajo el nombre de "Hongo Tintoretto".

ベン・シェパード - VITA




2008年3月、マイケル・ヨンと私はシカゴ大学のデザイン・ラボラトリーで「リンダ」を制作しました。これは、ポスト黙示録的で女性ばかりのユートピア的なポストヒューマン・コミュニティについてのパフォーマンス作品です。同年5月には「ミッドウェイ・フリー・シティ」というユートピア・コミュニティの仮設公演を行いました。ヨンと私はその後、直線的な時間の破壊を描いたコメディ「The Periscope」と、性器の持続性覚醒障害を描いたホラー「Nobody Will Understand Your Pain」の2本の脚本を書きました。


2012年にシカゴに戻り、ローラ・シェイファーとアンディ・ウォンと共同で「ホームスクール・スリー」という実験的な教育的居住コミュニティを始めました。ホーム・スクール・スリーにいた頃、私はハイドパークとシカゴの南側の歴史を研究し始めました。その結果、シカゴ市長選挙の選挙戦でカニエ・ウェスト(アメリカのラッパー、音楽プロデューサー、ファッションデザイナー、訳注:Kanye West)をアナーコ・コミュニズム・ユニストの候補者として位置づけることを提案したプロジェクト「Kanye For Mayor 2014」が誕生した。このプロジェクトは、口コミキャンペーンから始まり、ウェブサイト、そしてインターネット上のバイラルミームとしてスタートしました。残念ながら、シカゴ市長に当選したのはカニエ・ウェストではなく、ラーム・エマニュエルだった。


DBBSは2015年6月にStorefront Ten Eyckで初のショーを行い、この夏は2015年11月にThe ChimneyでPurple Cycle Oneとなったペインティングをニューヨーク州の野外スタジオでDrewがプロデュースしたメガスケールの地面に描きました。上海では、近未来をテーマにしたテレビ番組の制作や、外灘から蘇州渓沿いに広がる太湖までのメタパークの陳情活動、「マッシュルーム・ティントレット」という名前でジョブ・ツェンと一緒に壁画やコマーシャルアートを制作しました。

ng unter dem Namen ›Mushroom Tintoretto‹ Wandmalereien und Werbegrafiken geschaffen.“





2008年3月,我和Michael Yong在芝加哥大学设计实验室创作了《Linda》,这是一个关于后启示录、全女性的乌托邦后人类社区的行为作品。同年5月,我们创造了 "中途自由城",这又是一个乌托邦社区的临时演出。随后,我和阿勇写了两个剧本,《潜望镜》是一部关于线性时间被破坏的喜剧,《没人会懂你的痛》是一部关于持续性生殖器性欲障碍的恐怖片。

我和阿勇被洛杉矶知名电视制作公司Bad Robot的制片人请去创作《Coachella》,该片将以《母亲的宿醉》的形式推出。我们的剧本以英雄母亲将一袋可卡因扔进科切拉风场,并给整个山谷下药的镜头结束。这个剧本没有拍成电影。

2012年,我回到芝加哥,与Laura Shaeffer和Andy Wong合作,创办了一个名为 "Home School Three "的实验性教育住宅社区。在家校三部期间,我开始研究海德公园和芝加哥南区的历史。其结果是 "Kanye For Mayor 2014 "项目,该项目提议将Kanye West(美国说唱歌手、音乐制作人和时装设计师,译者注)定位为无政府-共产主义的共产主义候选人,参加芝加哥市长选举的竞选。这个项目一开始是一个口碑活动,然后是一个网站,然后是互联网上的病毒备忘录。不幸的是,当选芝加哥市长的不是坎耶-韦斯特,而是拉赫姆-伊曼纽尔。

2013年秋天,我开始和Drew Beattie一起在最近腾出的位于纽约地狱厨房的Hunter College MFA工作室工作。这种选拔性的亲和力效果很好,我们诞生了一种创造性的力量,我们称之为DBBS。2014年春天,我们搬到了德鲁位于布什维克的工作室旁边的扩建工作室空间,并开始创作大尺幅的肖像画。绘画有一定的子类:架子画、夹心画、图画,还有属于不太知名的题材。

DBBS是我们2015年6月在Storefront Ten Eyck举办的第一个同名展览,今年夏天,我们在2015年11月在The Chimney画了成为Purple Cycle One的画作,这些画作是由Drew在纽约州的户外工作室制作的超大规模地面。在上海,我参与了一个关于不久的未来的电视节目,为一个从外滩沿苏州河延伸到太湖的元老公园进行游说,并与Job Zheng一起以 "Mushroom Tintoretto "为名创作壁画和商业艺术。

DBBS     Drew Beattie / Ben Shepard

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